Please check out Part One if you're interested in the look of my wedding with a little insight on planning one.

I apologize that these iPhone pictures aren't the clearest, but I really just wanted to put them out there and one day I'll reshoot these with my fatty cam...hopefully. As it says above, this is the #weddingjammy wedding stationery created by yours truly. First up are the Save the Dates.

Made a cute monogram to put on everything, and I drew some wedding-related icons. I didn't want it to look busy, so I kept the text short and clear.

Several months after that, I sent out the invitations (people can be impatient in receiving these). The reason I kept them a-waiting was because I was being indecisive on how I wanted to present the information. After forcing myself to just sit down and think about it, I chose to do a tri-fold. I really liked the overall size and the unraveling action you'd have to do when you open the envelope. I also like imagining my family and friends hanging these on their fridges and it taking up so much property.

I carried on the design elements onto our menus, programs, escort cards, table names, table numbers, and signage. I was a fool and only saved the menus and programs, but you can see the complete reception seating look over here.


2017 has been a crazy year. The months leading up to the wedding in April were hectic and stressful. Not only did Josh and I have an entire wedding to plan ourselves, we also had to pack for our move to Northern California. Fast forward to now, we've settled into Sacramento life, and Josh spends most of his time studying, so I figured it's time to post a little bit about the biggest event I've ever planned and probably will ever plan.


I never dreamt about "the big day" or had a secret binder filled with cut out pictures from magazines, and I've been dating Josh since 2008. I like to think the wedding is more of Josh's (he would say otherwise), because I had the overall style be less romantic and frilly, and more sophisticated and minimal. To be honest, I would have like to use pastels with pops of hot pink, but obviously I didn't tap into that fantasy. Above were our ideas for what we wanted the feel and look to be: informal, intimate, less floral more foliage. I wanted the bridesmaids to be in different navy blue dresses, Josh wanted his groomsmen in gray and his own suit to stand out in navy blue. We wanted an ube cake but dressed "naked," and we both really wanted succulents incorporated everywhere. We DIY'ed our copper ceremony arch, our escort cards and table numbers. You can see how crazy we got with "pinning" things on our Pinterest account.


Because I am design-oriented and (borderline-OCD) organized, I liked to have everything clearly displayed in one place. I made myself a PDF containing my mood boards (one for the ceremony, the other for reception, and another for my wedding "look"), the floor plans (that Josh and I took a whole Saturday afternoon to create to scale), timelines, etc. That PDF and Google Drive were our new best and closest friends for a year. Josh was really great at researching vendors and I really have to commend him on finding some of best local businesses, and even some of them I still exchange pleasantries with on Instagram. To show you a glimpse into my madness, I created this "compact" PDF for our day-of coordinator (who was my fairy godmother), I didn't have to make this at all, but it calmed me down doing so the week before.


To show my madness, I made these mock-up images of my centerpieces. I really wanted something non-conventional and was entertained by the thought of not having florals. So my centerpieces were more like vignettes of how I'd style my coffee table at home. 

And talk about combining the trendiest decor items: marble, copper, fairy lights, succulents and hand figurines. I got to dabble in event design and it was enjoyable to a degree (our budget, budget, budget, Josh would constantly remind me of). Sometimes still, I will go into a Target or Home Goods, see and item and say to myself, "This would make a good *centerpiece/guestbook table/another wedding-related item*!" Mind you, it has been 4 months since the wedding.

So if you'd rather just see how the it all came to together, you can head over to our wedding website and I've uploaded our photographer's pictures in an organized gallery, because, you know me.